Record Sales and Gigs for Bands

So in these times of recession, the whole music industry still seems to be thriving, despite all the bands such as U2 complaining about people downloading their songs on the internet for free, they still seem to have a few quid in the bank. Then you only have to take a look at the outdoor pop festivals this year which appear to all be selling out to see that people are certainly more than happy to pay money for their favorite groups, just perhaps not in the traditional way from years gone by. It used to be that if you liked a band they would release 2 or 3 singles, then an album with a whole bunch of new tracks on it, if they were smart they would make the b sides different from the album tracks, so all the diehard fans would buy both singles and albums, then you might buy a t-shirt off the market with their name on and dream about the day when you might get a chance to see them live.

It seems that these days it’s all the other way around, the band brings out a single, some people buy it, some download it, but it still makes it into the charts, then the album (or LP if you are as old as me) follows and again a lot of people download it, but some are still paying. However the bands, at least, appear to play more frequent and longer tours these days, incorporating many countries which would have been overlooked in the past. In addition these gigs are likely to have impressive sound systems, lighting rigs and stage sets incorporating risers and pyrotechnics, this draws the crowds and the groups (or their management) can charge much more for the tickets and push the merchandise too.

This approach to a gig is a far cry from the gigs of the 60’s when the screaming from the girls in the crowd would drown out the under-powered PA, whilst the band stood under a couple of PAR cans, which may have flickered very slightly if they were really going for it.

Catch 22 wedding and party band
Image courtesy of Catch 22

In my belief, yes bands may have to work harder these days, but the fans get a lot more for the money they pay, and the big bands still make plenty of money from their gigs.

Party bands have to work even harder, those smaller bands who make a living out of playing mostly covers, to be in a party band you still need to practice and play the gigs, but also move your own kit and set up the PA and Lights and then take it all down again at the end of the concert.

Support your local party band, they really do work hard and can be as enjoyable to watch as the big bands at a fraction of the cost.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin died in October 1970 so I was only a few months old at the time, so there is no way I could remember her music, my parents didn’t listen to particularly rocky music or the blues, so I can’t have heard her from them either. However, by the time I was 15 I was listening to her music, and 25 years later I still do. Possibly a glowing reference for her as a singer and the musicians she worked with.

Janis grew up in Port Arthur a southern town in the USA and had a healthy interest in music and the arts from an early age.  She toured all the local small venues of the time both singing and watching other performers play until she settled in as a student at Austin Texas.  This however, was to be short lived as her experimentation with drugs got out of hand and sent her back home to take a view of where her life was going.

Then Chet helms, an old friend who had settled in San Fransisco contacted her to audition with an unknown band, she got the gig and was soon playing with Big Brother and the Holding Company. from here her career really began to take off………..

Part 2 to follow

About this musical blog

Just to be clear, when I referred to this as a musical blog, I don’t mean in the same way as a musical box, as in it belts out a tune every time you open it up, I just mean that it’s generally about music. Although that’s not to say that at some point in the future it wont. (just thought I’d better get that little disclaimer in there right from the outset)

Anyway, the idea is to write about anything which interests me about music, it could be a write up about a band, new or old, or a news story which I found interesting and have some kind of comment to make about it, or I may even tell you about the new guitar I am planning to buy and my process of elimination to decide which one to get eventually, just for the record the Alhambra 7P is looking like the favorite at the moment.

I may also try some little biographies about a few of my favorite singers, they could be anything from PJ Harvey to Janis Joplin or Christina Aguelera, so please don’t expect this to stay to one musical genre, because it wont.

Just getting started for now

Hello, if you found this post you are either reading this at some point in the future or somehow just found my brand new blog.  Anyway there is nothing here of interest, so move along now, I’m just writing a first post to make sure it’s all working. You never know I may even try adding a picture to the next one.