About this musical blog

Just to be clear, when I referred to this as a musical blog, I don’t mean in the same way as a musical box, as in it belts out a tune every time you open it up, I just mean that it’s generally about music. Although that’s not to say that at some point in the future it wont. (just thought I’d better get that little disclaimer in there right from the outset)

Anyway, the idea is to write about anything which interests me about music, it could be a write up about a band, new or old, or a news story which I found interesting and have some kind of comment to make about it, or I may even tell you about the new guitar I am planning to buy and my process of elimination to decide which one to get eventually, just for the record the Alhambra 7P is looking like the favorite at the moment.

I may also try some little biographies about a few of my favorite singers, they could be anything from PJ Harvey to Janis Joplin or Christina Aguelera, so please don’t expect this to stay to one musical genre, because it wont.