A Summer Washout?

This year is looking awful for the festival scene, the season is now underway and it’s still raining, windy and cold, looking at the long term weather forecast it’s due to continue well into July too.

I bet Michael Eavis is pleased that they gave Glastonbury festival a break this year, as it would have been around this time (end of June) and the ground is absolutely waterlogged, in fact despite the hosepipe bans which were in force earlier in the year, we now have quite a lot of localised flooding again.

There was a small festival in Manton, a small village in Wiltshire, which I was planning to go to last weekend, but due to the rain I didn’t bother to go, it was absolutely lashing down that evening.

All in all, if the weather doesn’t do something positive in the near future, more events will be cancelled and probably impact on ticket sales for next year too.