Fischer Progressor F18 + RS 11 17/18 - B07H5G3ZHB

Fischer Progressor F18 + RS 11 17/18 - B07H5G3ZHB
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  • If you love the speed, but you also like to be relaxed on the go, you need this ski

  • With its Razor shape, it performs harmoniously in all corners and ensures stability and driving spa - with its Dual Radius System. Especially light thanks to Air Tec.

  • - Very lightweight performance ski for short to medium radii - Provides safety and stability, smoothly running and harmonious

  • Side cut: 122/74/103, radius: 12-15 m (L length: 167 cm), weight: 3600 g (pair), sandwich sidewall construction, beech poplar wood core, air carbon

  • Binding: RS 10 Powerrail

  • If you love the Speed, but also gern mal relax while on the go, you need these skis. With its razor shape lock it Suitable for all curves beautifully and also allows for stability and driving pleasure - with its dual radius system. Very easy thanks to air TEC. Very light performance ski for short to medium radius - Provides safety and stability, quiet and harmoniously sidecut: 122/74/103 Radius: 12 - 15 m (Length: 167 cm) Weight: 3600 g (pair) sandwich sidewall construction Beech Poplar wood core Air Carbon Air Tec Dual Radius system on slopes rocker - Hape Allride binding: RS 10 Powerrail Weight: 1770 g (pair of) DIN: 3 - 11 Stand Height: 24 mm stand height toe: 31 mm Full Diagonal Toe FRP AFS at your ski boot sole length in mm, your body weight and size, you get the binding mounting of denominations of 20 free by us. The adjustment of the binding (Z value), insurance Technical Reasons, WE CAN NOT ACCEPT. We strongly recommend before the first use the ski, the Z value on a compartment separate business for you to adjust time.

    Fischer Progressor F18 + RS 11 17/18 - B07H5G3ZHB

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