Paramo Directional Clothing Systems Men's Cambia Short Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt - B01N02BZ0D

Paramo Directional Clothing Systems Men's Cambia Short Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt - B01N02BZ0D
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  • Reversibility means you get two Tshirts for the weight and price of one.

  • The smooth fabric face worn next to the skin reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise.

  • 100% Polyester

  • Cambia Short Sleeved Crew Neck

  • Short sleeve

  • The textured, honeycomb face of the fabric provides 'dry' comfort in cooler conditions

  • Increased comfort through flat seams to avoid chafing whichever way out the baselayer is worn.

  • Generously cut short sleeves for efficient cooling.

  • A directional baselayer, quick drying and highly versatile, offering two levels of cooling through reversibility. Ideal for high energy and/or warm weather outdoor activities. The Cambia tshirt uses Parameta t+ reversible fabric. It offers variable cooling, depending on which way out it is worn, so providing two base layers for the weight and price of one. Overview the Cambia t-shirt is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, especially high energy activities or in warmer conditions. When active outdoors, you need to manage your sweat to stay dry and comfortable, even when you stop moving. In hot conditions or working hard, you need maximum cooling; in cooler conditions you need less. Sun protection is beneficial too. Parameta t+ fabric provides uv protection (spf 25+ equivalent) and wicks moisture laterally to reduce pooling and enhance evaporation and cooling when needed. The fabric also moves moisture from one face to the other, which, when directed away from your body, offers greater insulation. This Cambia t-shirt is designed to offer reversibility, has generously cut short sleeves and a simple round neck. Designed to be reversible to provide variable cooling. Flat seams ensure it is comfortable whichever way out it is worn. Generously cut short sleeves allow maximum cooling. The simple round neck works well when worn under other layers. Parameta t+'s reversibility gives it exceptional versatility for base layers. It is a rapid-drying, directional, reversible fabric that spreads moisture laterally to speed up evaporation of perspiration. Because the two faces of the fabric behave differently, by reversing a Parameta t+ shirt you can make it cooler or warmer. When working hard in warmer conditions, the smooth water-attracting face of the fabric is worn next to your skin, holding water close to your skin to evaporate and cool you. For cooler conditions, the textured, more open face is worn next to your skin, directing water away so you feel dry, but still evaporating excess water effectively. Detailed benefits choose a Cambia t-shirt for its versatility ... the Cambia uses reversible Parameta t+ fabric so you can choose the level of cooling you need for your activities and the conditions. Worn one way, moisture is held close to your skin and spread laterally for fast evaporation and cooling. Worn the other way, it directs moisture away from you, maintaining an insulating dry 'gap'. the simple, round neck design works well worn alone or under other layers. The generous short sleeves allow efficient cooling. From the Cambia t-shirt you can expect excellent wicking and a high comfort level. How will your Paramo baselayer outperform other wicking base layers most other technical base layers only move moisture laterally across the fabric, and don't move it from one fabric face to the other. Therefore they are not reversible, and only offer one level of cooling. Furthermore, when worn under a waterproof garment where condensation is a possibility, they won't push moisture away from your body and as a result you'll feel colder and less comfortable. Páramo's Parameta t+ base layers give more versatile cooling than its competitors', and also help keep moisture away from your body when you need to stay dry.

    Paramo Directional Clothing Systems Men's Cambia Short Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt - B01N02BZ0D

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